County Money Issues

Feb 7, 2013

Many Kentucky county leaders would say having sufficient funds to maintain government services remains one of their biggest worries. County officials from across the Commonwealth are in Lexington for the 31st Kentucky County Judge Executive Association Winter Conference.   ‘County Consolidation’ is a term which has been uttered at the state capital, but never gotten much traction.   Mason County Judge, James Gallenstein believes some regionalization would produce savings.

“There are some things you could regionalize, but then again it goes back to home turf, you know.  You know, you could have roads, much like the ADD district.  That’s a regional program that serves several counties,” said Gallenstein.

But, Gallenstein admits it remains a tough sell in each individual county.  The county judge says ‘nobody wants to be first.’  Fleming County Judge Larry Foxworthy says county government is a big business which takes a lot of money to run.

“This is my eleventh year in office and Judge Gallenstein’s been here a lot longer than I have and I guess that’s been talked about since the first day I went in is regionalization and trying to combine some counties and different things like that.  I don’t know that it’s gotten any farther now than it did ten years ago,” added Foxworthy.

Foxworthy hopes the winter conference will provide some answers for local officials.  The meeting runs through Friday morning.