Counterfeit Money in Eastern Kentucky

Nov 9, 2011

Some fake bucks are being found in Jackson lately, and it has nothing to do with deer season.  These kind of bucks have to do with counterfeit money being passed out lately, in the form of $20, $50 and $100 bills. The Jackson Police Department wants you to beware of it - and should you see one, or be on the receiving end of one, by all means give them a call at 606-666-2424.

JPD officers told the Times-Voice on Monday the bogus bills were reported by several persons who called and contacted them. With the Holiday shopping season soon upon us, the police are stepping up their campaign on making folks aware of counterfeit money being passed, and have passed on the alerts to area banks and businesses as well.

If you think you may have received a counterfeit bill, one tip is to look for differences in the bill, and not similarities. If they're any good at all, those counterfeit bills will be similar to real ones in several ways. But if a bill differs in any one particular way, it's probably fake.

You can also take steps to determine if the bill's a fake, by feeling the texture of the bill, looking carefully at the printing quality, examining the serial numbers, or by looking for colored strands in the paper. All U. S. bills have tiny blue and red fibers imbedded in the paper. Sometimes, counterfeiters try to reproduce them by printing those strands on the paper, but if you look close enough, you'll see that they're printed on, rather than being part of the paper itself.

Still, if you feel you've been passed or seen counterfeit money, you can call Jackson Police at 606-666-2424. The JPD also reminds readers that all reported counterfeiting cases are thoroughly investigated by the U. S. Secret Service, and that harsh criminal penalties are doled out to those who are counterfeiting or passing fake bills.