Council Opts to Back Mayor

Jul 8, 2011

Members of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council have decided to let stand three budget vetoes by Lexington Mayor Jim Gray. Mayor Gray made three line item vetoes to the council approved budget.  Only one veto was challenged by the council Thursday night.  Members were asked to over-ride the mayor’s action and restore funding for more than 20 outside agencies.

Gray had sought to cut partner agencies by ten percent.  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton did not support the over-ride motion…

“It is my understanding that more than ten of the partner agencies intend to use our money for pay raises for their employees and I definitely think that is inappropriate,” said Gorton.

 Mayor Gray, meanwhile,  says partner agencies can play a  future role in helping the city to regain solvency.

“When we reflect on this process next year we can ask for our partner agencies to be more intentional and to be more careful in creating their requests,” added Gray.

The council let stand two other vetoes.  One results in the laying off of seven workers in government communications.  The other line item veto rejects borrowing to support 400 thousand dollars in capital projects.