Council to Consider Simplifying 'Lexington' Brand

Mar 5, 2014


A proposal to simplify the branding of the entity known as the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government is being discussed at city hall. An ordinance to that effect is being proposed by council member Harry Clarke.

When it comes to the government he serves, Clarke says the new law would “give us an identity we can use.”  “When we talk about who we are, are we forced to say LFUCG or can we use Lexington.  This simply clarifies it.  That’s all it does,” said Clarke.Clarke says economic development and publicity for the combined city/county government would be bolstered.  His ordinance would not change the city’s history or even mean a change in signage.  He says it wouldn’t cost the city any money.   Council member Ed Lane worries there would be cost involved over time,  “When you re-brand the city you’re talking about changing the cars, the fire engines, the garbage trucks, the names on the building, signage, stationery, business cards."Clarke argues none of these changes are necessary.  Instead, his proposal is about changing a reference for the local government.   Still, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray sees benefits in a simple "Lexington" brand, commenting,“By simplifying the brand, you really leverage it, you embrace it, and you elevate it."   The General Government Committee opted to send the matter on to the full Council.