Community Health Improvement Project Examines Neighborhood Safety Issues

Jun 27, 2014


A round table discussion Friday focused on ways to bolster a safer environment in Lexington neighborhoods.  It was part of the Community Health Improvement Project coordinated by the Fayette County Health Department.  Larry Johnson, with Lexington's Partners for Youth group, serves on the safe neighborhoods subcommittee.  "Neighborhood watch is the citizenry, getting together keeping their eye on what's going on and reporting those and sharing what they can do.  This is not just the citizenry," said Johnson. "These are agencies and programs and all the stakeholders have come together and say this is a community health issue."

The work group sessions come less than a week after four shooting incidents in Lexington which took the lives of two people and injured two others. Johnson says the discussion covered environmental, criminal, educational and building code issues.  He says the East End area of downtown Lexington has been a focal point.  "In that area, there was a lot of concern about a park and that park not having lighting and the activity that happens in that park at night and how we engage those young people who are out late at night, getting into mischief," added Johnson.

Johnson says the work group has developed a survey tool to assess a small pocket of the community.    Two other groups delved into obesity and unemployment matters.