Commerce Lexington Lays Out Legislative Priorities

Dec 12, 2011

Every year Commerce Lexington, an organization that advocates for Lexington business, releases a new public policy statement. The group's 2012 agenda includes calls for new development incentives and tax credits.

Commerce Lexington has polls its members and formed a list of priorities before the start of the next regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly. It's no surprise jobs are near the top of this year's list. Tyler Campbell, Vice President of Public Policy for Commerce Lexington, says Kentucky should do more to attract new investment.

"A lot of people are nervous about making investments in different capital infrastructure projects in the areas of energy and technology. Some of these things that we're talking about doing would essentially open up or offer new economic development incentives for hi-tech service technology firms that we don't have right now," Campbell says.

Earlier this year, Mayor Jim Gray said his administration expects more transparency from Commerce Lexington, which has received 2.6 million dollars in taxpayer money for economic development over the last five years. The organization advocates for pro-business legislation and nurtures public-private partnerships.