Columnist Drops Attorney General From 1st Amendment Lawsuit

Jul 25, 2013

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway says his office and attorneys for nationally syndicated parenting columnist John Rosemond have agreed that Conway should be dismissed from a lawsuit.

Syndicated columnist and family psychologist John Rosemond.
Credit Blueridge Business Journal

Rosemond filed a federal lawsuit this month saying his first amendment right to free speech was violated when he received a cease and desist letter from Kentucky authorities because he isn't licensed to practice in the state.

Conway said in a statement that the attorney who sent the letter to Rosemond did so on behalf of the Kentucky Board of Psychology, not the Kentucky Attorney General's office.

Rosemond has been dispensing parenting advice in his newspaper column since 1976. He has written 11 parenting books and is a licensed psychologist in his home state of North Carolina.

The suit will continue against the Kentucky Board of Psychology.