The Colonel Wants Wade Back

The NBA lockout is in its second week, and players are not working. And one Kentucky-based company is looking to hire the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade. Amid the lockout, Dwayne Wade tweeted a question.  He asked if anyone was hiring.  It was probably a joke, but as it turns out, there is at least one company who would like to hire the shooting guard.

The General Manager of KFC US, John Cywinski, sent a letter to Wade in response to his tweet. Wade is a former employee of KFC, and Cywinski says the company would love to have him back on the team. Cywinski says KFC will make a donation in Wade’s name to Colonel’s Scholars, a scholarship program for young people, if Wade will serve as a drive-thru captain at a local KFC. Wade currently makes $15 million a year playing basketball.