College Towns Like Lexington Attractive To Discount Lines Like Megabus

Aug 1, 2013

Credit Christy Ramsey / Flickr, Creative Commons

A bus ride from Lexington to northern Ohio should be quicker and cheaper.  Megabus is launching a new connector service to Cleveland. Catching a Megabus at Lexington’s downtown transit center can start you on your way to Cincinnati.  It’s there, where connectors are available for trips to Chicago, Cleveland, and Buffalo.  

Cut rate tickets, which are sold over the internet, can be as low as a dollar.  Megabus spokesman Mike Alvich says low fares are available, if travelers plan ahead.

“The one dollar fare is for real.  The challenge to get that one dollar fare is being able to book far enough in advance, like 30 to 45 days in advance, if you can, and there a few one dollar seats on every bus,” said Alvich.

Alvich says it’s also advantageous to book bus trips on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays.   Alvich says there are also economic benefits which can come to the bluegrass.

“We’re not just talking about this being the benefit to residents of Lexington, but also to the city itself, because we think it’s gonna be attracting more people to visit Lexington as well.  That means contributions to the tax base, it also means people who spend money in restaurants and shops and cultural institutions and attractions and other services within the city and we think that’s gonna be very helpful,” added Alvich.

Since it began operation seven years ago, Alvich says Megabus has transported 28-million people to 100 American cities.