College Applications Made Easier With On-Line, Electronic Transcripts

Jul 29, 2013

Credit Haagenherrys / Flickr, Creative Commons

Kentucky's high school seniors can soon send electronic transcripts to the state's colleges through a free process called Kentucky eTranscript. The electronic transcript system is meant to ease the stress and expense of the college admissions process. Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson said Monday electronic transcripts will streamline the process. In some cases, he said, students can complete the admissions process totally online.

Jefferson County will be the first to make the eTranscript system available districtwide. Kentucky eTranscript should be available to students statewide by March 2014. Kentucky's eTranscript is provided free to high school students, school districts and colleges and universities.

There's a $2 charge for students to send transcripts to non-participating colleges. A secure online portal will keep student information confidential.