Collective Bargaining Agreement Inked

Oct 13, 2011

Lexington’s mayor and the president of the city’s firefighters union say their new contract won’t reduce serviced offered by the department.  The three year agreement was officially signed today by Mayor Jim Gray and union president Chris Bartley.  The agreement, overwhelming ratified by firefighters, saves four point seven million dollars over three years, but, Mayor Gray says Lexington’s firefighters won’t allow a reduction in services.

“These guys are committed and when we think about fire protection, when we think about emergency medical service, 9-1-1, these guys get it, and they are committed all the way,” said Gray.

Union President Chris Bartley says his union members agreed to a two year wage freeze, a reduction in health insurance costs, and a reduction in vacation and holiday leave.

“That was what this agreement was on our side more about protection the jobs and protecting the services such as keeping the personnel on the ambulances,” said Bartley.

The city has promised it won’t lay-off any firefighters during the three year contract period.  And, firefighters will get a pay raise in the final year of the contract.