Cocaine to Prescription Drug Abuse

Jul 23, 2012

Prescription pain killers are sometimes the first choice of drug abusers.  Other times, an addiction to popular hard drugs leads to prescription drug abuse.   After recovering from years of addition, a Lexington woman says she went free basing cocaine to prescription pain killers.  Kathy Bell says she used cocaine, prescription drugs, or both together.  Bell says attaining prescription pills was accomplished in many ways.  “I got involved with this clique of people that either sold theirs, or traded theirs, or they wanted something I had, and that’s the way I played my addiction back and forth,” said Bell.

Initially, Bell says received the prescription medications for pain relief. In the end, the western Kentucky native says the fear of incarceration prompted her to seek help at a University of Kentucky treatment facility.

“Do things that you used to do, to focus on that and positive stuff than to be riding around town trying to find somebody that’s got some medication.  That’s exactly what we called it; medication,” added Bell.

The temptation remains, and Bell admits there have been relapses.  Bell worries her 40th high school reunion this fall could trigger a drug abuse temptation.