Coal and Natural Gas Side by Side in Pike

Jul 13, 2012

Kentucky’s largest county in geographic terms is also a top producer of coal and natural gas.  Now, Pike county officials want to offer a natural gas service station for public and private motorists.  It’s not something likely to occur anytime soon.  But, Pike County Public Information Director Brandon Roberts is confident it will happen.  Roberts admits some residents in coal-rich eastern Kentucky may find natural gas as a motor fuel a hard pill to swallow.

“Yes, well some might find it strange. We Pike Countians probably wouldn’t find it too strange, considering the abundance of both of those back here,” said Roberts.

Roberts envisions all kinds of vehicles including coal trucks and school buses filling-up on compressed natural gas..

“That is one we’re looking at hard; anything with a large fleet.   County, coal companies, the school board would benefit greatly from this, you know, any place that has a large fuel cost,” added Roberts.

Roberts says the natural gas station could also serve vehicles that can run on both natural gas and gasoline.  He expects to see such vehicles for sale on car lots within the next year.