Mon April 8, 2013
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Cleveland Label Joins Spirited Race For “Quickie Whiskeys”

On a recent Friday night, Clevelanders squeeze shoulder-to-shoulder inside the Market Garden Brewery and Distillery. They’re here for the launch party of Cleveland Whiskey.  It’s available straight on the rocks, or in a number of cocktails.  Sam McNulty is Market Garden’s proprietor. “People are loving it.  The only problem is, we’re running out of it right now.  So we’re running to the store and getting some more.”

A close-up of the Cleveland Whiskey label. It debuted in early March across Northeast Ohio
Credit Brian Bull)

Market Garden proprietor Sam McNulty says it's been hard keeping Cleveland Whiskey in stock
Credit Brian Bull

Cleveland Whiskey proprietor Tom Lix, and his special apparatus for aging his whiskey in 60 days
Credit Brian Bull

People gathered at the Market Garden Brewery and Distillery for a launch party
Credit Brian Bull

Adrienne and Andy Gordon, sampling Cleveland Whiskey in their Reminderville home
Credit Brian Bull