Classics Bookend LexPhil's 2013-14 Season

May 13, 2013

Lexington Philharmonic conductor Scott Terrell watched piano soloist Kevin Cole during a "Kicked Back Classics" performance at the Downtown Arts Center in March 2011. Terrell initiated the "Kicked Back" series.
Credit Pablo Alcala / Lexington Herald Leader

Classics will bookend the Lexington Philharmonic’s next season.  Artistic Director Scott Terrell says they’ll start in September with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.”   And then, to finish up the season, Terrell will conduct Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. “The seminal work to end the year, which is Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  It will be my first Beethoven 9, so as a conductor and student of music, there are pillars that one takes on, that is one of them,” said Terrell.

In March, the Lex-Phil performs the soundtrack while Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush” is projected on a large screen.  It will be Terrell’s fifth anniversary with the Philharmonic. 

 “It’s a daunting piece. I’ve studied it.  I’ve prepped the choruses for it.  And, I’ve had the chance to conduct a little bit, but, until you’ve actually done the piece as a whole, you don’t understand the epic size of the work. And, I think, that’s scary to me. I’m not going to lie about it,” said Terrell.

Hanging over preparations for the next season are contract negotiations with the orchestra’s musicians.  They’ve refused to accept a non-compete clause sought by Lex-Phil’s management. 

Still, Terrell is optimistic over the possibility of a compromise…

“Well, I mean that’s in process and both sides are working very hard to get to a solution, so that’s as much as I know, to be honest.  So, we’re all hopeful a resolution will come pretty quickly and we will robustly move on at the great progress that we’ve already made,” said Terrell.

The Lexington Philharmonic wrapped up the current season with a performance last Friday at the Singletary Center.