Clark County Gas Line Rupture Heard, Not Seen

Sep 21, 2011

A Lexington TV station reports that a commercial gas line rupture shortly after midnight in Clark County near the Powell County line could be heard and felt many miles away.

WLEX-18 reports it received phone calls from as far away as Lee County with callers asking what was causing the loud noise. Callers told the station something shook the ground and caused windows to rattle.

It took crews several hours to find the leak and to get the gas flow turned off. There were no injuries reported, the station said, and no disruption of gas service to residential customers since it's a commercial line.

There was no explosion, only the loud noise made by escaping gas, WLEX-18 reported Wednesday morning. Crews from the Tenneessee Gas Co. are said to be on the scene and repairing the leak.