City Worker Compensation in Lexington

Apr 19, 2012

The debate over how to best compensate city workers in Lexington continues.  The urban county council wants to re-work the system.   An attempt was made several years,owever, that effort failed and Lexington’s about to try again. Glenda George, who’s with the Law Department, says they’ve identified another consultant.  “We’ve reached a point where we should hire to assist us in evaluating our current evaluation system..and to make recommendations about what we should do..going forward,” said George.

George says hiring a consultant could cost about 40 thousand dollars.  Council member Julian Beard says many suggestions made in the previous compensation study were not followed.

 “We hired a consultant once…we didn’t like the answer…so we didn’t fund what they told us to do…why spend the money again..why not just go back to what they told us to do the first time,” added Beard.

Glenda George said hopefully the recommendations of this consultant would be implemented.  Meanwhile, the council is considered a two-percent pay raise proposed by Lexington’s mayor.  Indications are that several council members support the increase.