City Revenues Higher than Projected

Jun 7, 2011

It’s getting down to decision time as Lexington leaders write a new budget.  Some spending decisions could come as soon as Thursday. Members were told today (Tuesday) that city revenues are higher than predicted.  However, Council member Doug Martin worries about projections for the new fiscal year which begins in July.

“I’m concerned about trying to make I guess assumptions about additional revenue, particularly since we’ve been short by more than ten million dollars the last couple of years,” said Martin.

In response to Martin, revenue director Bill Omara (oh-MAIR-ah) said their revenue projections were scaled back.  Meanwhile, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says the city should leave its savings untouched.  Instead, Gray still wants significant budget cuts.

“I think we’ve got to have more courage.  We’ve got to have more backbone now to make structural changes,” said Gray.

Gray has suggested closing two swimming pools, a golf course, and ending police escorts for funerals.  Some of those budget decisions could come Thursday when the council meets again.