Christie-Paul Feud Over Federal Funding Escalates

Jul 30, 2013

New Jersey's pugnacious Republican governor doesn't appear to want his war of words with fellow GOP'er Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul to end anytime soon. Gov. Chris Christie fired back at Paul on Tuesday for Paul's remark that New Jersey has a "Gimme, gimme gimme" attitude about federal aid for Superstorm Sandy.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.
Credit Creative Commons

The spat began when the two differed over warrantless surveillance programs. Paul is against them, while Christie says they are needed for national security.

At a news conference Tuesday to announce homeowner grants for northern New Jersey residents affected by Sandy, Christie suggested Paul look at cutting "pork barrel spending" in his home state if he's worried about defense cuts.

Christie said Kentucky gets back $1.51 for every dollar its sends to Washington, while New Jersey gets back 61 cents.