Chinoe Gas Station On Hold

 Kroger may be building a gas station to its location in front of the Chinoe Village Shopping Center, but some area residents view the addition as anything but a convenience. The 10-pump gas station would sit just behind the Chinoe Pub. Kroger estimates that it could see a 2 to 5 percent increase in the roughly 13,500 customers that visit the location every week. Assistant Real Estate Manager for Kroger Todd Metzmeier says gas has become an integral part of the grocery's business, where customers earn 10 cents off the purchase of gas for every hundred dollars they spend in the store.

"We want to enable those existing customers who are already shopping with us to redeem the valuable points right there on sight rather than traveling somewhere else," he says. 

But for some neighborhood residents, such as Bruce Thomas, the lure of gas discounts isn't enough to offset other concerns. 

"Our neighborhood does not want this. There's plenty of traffic that already goes through. This is just going to increase it. I'm concerned about environmental issues, I'm concerned about lighting issues, noise pollution," Thomas said. 

The city's planning commission voted to postpone any final decisions until February 9th, to allow Kroger to conduct a traffic study of the area.