Chief Justice Asking for More Pay for Those in the Courts

Nov 25, 2013


Kentucky's top judge will ask for more funding to bring justice cabinet salaries in line with those of the legislative and executive branches. Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton will present a budget overview and a request for additional money to lawmakers today in Frankfort.

Minton says roughly 800 of the judicial branch’s 3,300 non-elected employees make less than the federal poverty level for a family of four, with many more qualifying for food stamps. 

“That is a situation that really demands attention from, you know, our legislators. We’re going to ask that we be able to be funded at a level so that we can rectify that,” said Minton.

Minton says the low salaries affect workers from clerks to warehouse workers, but declined to say how much money he will be requesting from lawmakers.. The 2014 budget for non-elected judicial branch salaries, excluding benefits, is $89 million