Chemical Concerns

Aug 10, 2011

A variety of chemicals are found in all kinds of products we use every day.   There are concerns about health impacts of chemicals included in some of these items.  A group of central Kentuckians is asking Congress to pass the ‘Safe Chemicals Act of 2011.’  Among them is Lois Kleffman with the Kentucky Environmental Foundation.

“I don’t really mind kids being out in the dirt as much as I would mind them putting certain things in their mouths that are manufactured…have chemicals in them”

A stroller brigade made its way through Lexington’s Woodland Park Wednesday morning.  It was part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness about health concerns associated with certain chemicals.   Jamie Austad (AH-stad) is the mother of four children.


“I’ve tried to switch over to glass and other materials as much as I can because of the chemicals in plastic and that it’s destructive to the environment to, to the landfills and what not”

David Stone is with General Rubber and Plastics, a distributor with 33 years of history in Lexington.

“Most plastics are used for many products that’s beneficial for safety and health for the wellbeing of people”

Stone says it’s important to distinguish types of plastics when considering any health risks.  The new law, among other things, would require the E-P-A to prioritize chemicals based on risk and promote safer alternatives to chemicals of concern.