Charge Against 81st Dist. Rep. Wesley Morgan Dismissed

Aug 4, 2017

A judge this week dismissed a charge against a Republican Kentucky legislator from Madison County accused of illegally transporting alcohol across county lines.

81st District Representative Wesley Morgan was cited in April by police in Barbourville while moving liquor between two of his four stores.  At the time, doing so was illegal under state law.   

81st District Representative Wesley Morgan (R)

A district Court judge has found that the law was unconstitutional and allowed Morgan to take advantage of one passed during this year’s session allowing such movement of liquor with permission of the state’s Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.

While happy that the charge against him was dismissed, Morgan says he’ll support legislation requiring the state to issue licenses for transporting liquor.

“Most legislators had no idea that these problems existed until I went through this firestorm," said Morgan.  "Once they started seeing what was going on, they’re going ‘This is awful. There’s no place in this state for this.’”

Morgan says he will not sponsor a bill because of criticism he has received for attempting to pass legislation that would benefit his business, but he’s certain it will be introduced in the 2018 session.