Chandler Wants Audit Of Postal Plans

Kentucky Congressman Ben Chandler says he doesn't want to wait to see if the U-S Postal Service follows through on a proposal to close the mail processing and distribution center in Lexington. The Sixth District U-S Representative is calling on the Government Accountability Office to conduct a formal review of any plan that would result in the closure of the Lexington facility.

In a letter to the U-S Comptroller General, the Central Kentucky Congressman says that closing the Lexington facility "is the wrong way to deal with the Postal Service's fiscal problems".

Chandler says the closure would result in the loss of 300 jobs and delay mail service; especially in rural areas of Central Kentucky.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray reportedly also supports the audit request.

The Postal Service has been studying a number of cost-cutting scenarios to keep the agency's head above water; including closing thousands of post offices and consolidating hundreds of mail processing centers.

If the USPS recommendations are followed, Lexington's mail center, which Chandler says has been rated highly efficient, could be transferred to Louisville, and Knoxville, Tennessee.