Centre Tests its Vice Presidential Debate Media Center

Sep 28, 2012

In preparation for the vice presidential debate, Centre College yesterday tested their telecommunications system.  It will be in high demand on October 11th when the school hosts its second debate.   Students were invited into the media center, where they hooked up their smart phones, laptops, and similar devices to the internet.  Pottinger Professor of History Clarence Wyatt says such preparations are vital.  “In 2000 we got our media center up and running early.  There were some people on campus who wondered why we needed to take their space that early, but we wanted to make sure that all of that worked because that’s the heart of the story,” said Wyatt.

A key part of a vice presidential debate includes media coverage of the event.  Centre College officials want to ensure the 500 work stations created for journalists are in tip top shape come October eleventh.  Incumbent Vice President Joe Biden and GOP challenge Paul Ryan will stage their only debate at Centre.  Wyatt says they’re preparing for the large number of journalists expected for the October eleventh debate…

“We’ve got journalist here who have a great responsibility to bring this story to the American people and really people around the world.  If the phones don’t work, you’re in a world of hurt.  And in fact, in 2000, that fate befell Wake Forest, which was a host of one of the general election debates then,” added Wyatt.

Thursday’s test went off without major problems.   Officials say attendance was less than ideal.  They say there were a few issues to work out during the test.