Central KY Meat Market Sells Local Turkeys

Local supermarkets are luring in customers to do their Thanksgiving meal shopping with low prices on the main dish: the turkey. The American Farm Bureau Federation released its annual survey last week on the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner, up 13 percent to $49.20 this year. But for many cooks looking for what they consider a healthier and more flavorful turkey, $49 will be the cost of just the bird.

"This year we're doing three different turkeys. All of them have been pasture-raised in Kentucky, all antibiotics, steroid and hormone-free," says Jon Reed, manager of the Marksbury Farm retail shop in Garrard County.

The market is selling conventional, broad breasted turkeys, Heritage birds including Bourbon Red turkeys, and a fully cooked smoked turkey. He says customers are willing to pay 4-5 dollars per pound for their Thanksgiving centerpiece.

"They want a fresh turkey for sure, and then they want to make sure it was humanely treated and raised, and fed proper nutrition also."

Marksbury Farm opened last year and sells to restaurants and the general public. They are taking turkey orders through Monday.

Central Kentucky supermarkets have priced turkeys from 29 cents to $1.79 per pound.