CBS's Fall Schedule: The New Shows

May 19, 2011

CBS is not shy about telling you that they're introducing fewer fall shows for the simple reason that they have fewer holes in their schedule. (Another sign of their confidence: They've moved the comedy Rules Of Engagement to Saturday night, a time slot networks had basically abandoned as a home for new programming.

With that said, they do have three new dramas and two new comedies coming this fall, so let's have a look at the promo trailers.


Poppy Montgomery (late of Without A Trace) stars as a police officer who has that funny memory quirk — you may remember Marilu Henner talking about having it a few months ago — where people remember every single thing that's ever happened to them. If words like "mentalist" are going through your head, remember: CBS knows what works for them.

Person Of Interest

JJ Abrams is the executive producer of this drama about a man (Jim Caviezel) who becomes a vigilante for hire for a weird rich guy. But that's not the reason it's going to make you think of Lost. No, the reason for that is that the weird rich guy is being played by Michael Emerson, who won an Emmy playing Ben Linus.

A Gifted Man

Patrick Wilson stars as a doctor whose ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle, who played opposite Colin Firth in the relevant Pride And Prejudice version) pays him a visit. This seems like a good thing, until he finds out she's dead. The executive producers include Susannah Grant, who wrote Erin Brockovich, and well-known director Jonathan Demme.

How To Be A Gentleman

"Real man" sitcom number one zillion, this stars Kevin Dillon as the same lunkhead he seems determined to play, and this time it's his job to turn a manners columnist who is apparently a sweet, terrific guy, into a creep. For some reason, this is supposed to be a positive thing. It's very confusing.

2 Broke Girls

This is a show that CBS is very, very excited about, and all reports from those I know who were at the live upfronts presentation yesterday were that the ad buyers in the audience were very excited about it, too. It stars Kat Dennings (who recently charmed her way through the intern role in Thor) and Beth Behrs as odd-couple roommates and waitresses. I like Dennings a lot (my fondness for her dates back to Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist), but this is a straight-up CBS comedy, and if you're used to the edgier style on display at other networks, it still feels pretty conventional.
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