Cars Crossing Over in Lexington

Aug 15, 2011


Lexington has an ‘under construction’ intersection which is drawing a lot of attention.

Vehicles are moving through the ‘double cross over diamond’ intersection at Harrodsburg road and New Circle road.  The over and back traffic pattern attracted some curious motorists Monday.  Steve Cummins, with the city’s traffic management center, says there’s still gonna be day to day congestion.

“We’re gonna get through this safely and we’re gonna learn together because this is a brand new idea for an interchange and it certainly will be very, very efficient when it’s completed,” said Cummins.

Cummins says a third lane each way will open up in the weeks ahead.  He says timing adjustments for traffic lights are occurring now.  He says the intersection had the highest crash rate in the city.  And Cummins says the area will also be fully lighted over time.

“Like most other construction areas that you’ll go through, there’s gonna be typical congestion, on a day to day basis.  With that, people need to understand that this is not fully completed.  This is a construction area.  We’re trying our best to facilitate the traffic to get through there. We’re still trying to put five pounds of flour in a three pound bag.  We haven’t quite gotten there yet,” added Cummins.

Lexington is the first city in the state to feature the double cross over design.