Cardinal Hill Opens New Facility

Sep 13, 2011

The opening of Cardinal Hill's new building was an emotional one for former patient, Judy Hale Everett. "Now with the addition of this new wing, the circle is complete. A top-notch facility to match the top-notch staff," she said. Since her first visit in 1976 after a motorcycle accident, Everett has watched Cardinal Hill grow from a facility caring for only a handful of patients in cramped rooms to the complete rehabilitation center it is today. The expansion brings more private rooms, larger therapy gyms, and a new aquatic center. Hale says her first tour left her impressed. 

"I was stunned at the beauty of it," Everett said. 

Cardinal Hill opened in 1950 as a convalescent home for children with polio. It now specializes in the treatment of stroke, spinal cord and brain injury, as well as other conditions. With the expansion, the hospital's total bed capacity will jump to 232.