Car Stereo Crackdown

Nov 13, 2012

Lexington’s Council appears ready to lower the boom on car stereos.  Earlier this year, members rejected a comprehensive noise ordinance package.  Now, the provision governing loud car stereos has been resurrected.  The council’s Public Safety Committee approved the proposal this afternoon.  Its sponsor is council member Tom Blues.  “The principal addition here is to clarify the nature of the noise and also to reduce the distance over which the sound has to travel in order to be cited as a violation from 50 feet to ten feet,” said Blues.

Council member Doug Martin says the change is not aimed at limiting the volume heard within the vehicle.

“Where we are right now is it’s just really impossible for a police officer to say ‘even though I’m ten feet outside the car and I can’t hear it, I know it’s too loud inside that car.  All he can really say or she can really say is I’m ten feet away from the car and this is way too loud,” added Martin.

Blues expects approval by the full council.  He says the modified noise law could go into effect before January.