Candidates for Governor Debate in Richmond

Oct 12, 2011

The three candidates for Kentucky governor have different reasons for  seeking the state’s highest office.  Steve Besheaer, David Williams and Gatewood Galbraith stated their views in a statewide debate last night at Eastern Kentucky University.  It was the first time this fall all three candidates were together for a debate.

  David Williams and Gatewood Galbraith have been critical of Governor Beshear for not joining them sooner on stage.  The incumbent maintains Kentucky has fared better than many states during turbulent economic times

“The good news is that this state is finally now turning around and this economy is beginning to climb and go back up,” said Beshear.

The G-O-P candidate, Senate President David Williams, says it’s not the governor’s job to maintain the status quo.

"You know we don’t need a caretaker and we don’t need a manager.  We need bold leadership to change Kentucky,” said Williams.

Independent Gatewood Galbraith argues Kentuckians are tired of traditional Frankfort politics.

“Partisanship is killing us.  We need an independent executive.  A governor who does not care who gets credit for doing what’s right for the people,” said Galbraith.

The three men are expected to take part in another debate, one week before election day. Last night’s debate was televised from E-K-U’s new Center for the Arts. It was also broadcast on many radio stations statewide.