Canadian Auto Part Maker Makes Move to Madison County

Jun 12, 2013

A large Canadian automotive metal stamping firm will soon begin operations at its first manufacturing facility in the US.  Those parts will be produced at a 30-thousand square foot factory in Richmond Industrial Park South.  Thunder Manufacturing Chief Financial Officer Rahkesh Choudhary  says the location and the skilled workforce made Madison County attractive.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (left) joined in a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday at Thunder Manufacturing's new Richmond facility.
Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

“It’s transportation.  It’s a skilled force. It’s connectivity to our customers because we have a customer base in North Carolina, South Carolina.  We have some customers in Alabama, some customers in Tennessee. So, we find this the best place centrally located to serve our existing customers and grow us for the future,” said Choudhary.

The Canadian firm hopes to create 45 full-time jobs with a $2 million investment.   Choudhary expects employment to grow substantially.

“It will be continuous.  You will see every year the employment will be doubled.  So we will be growing very fast,” added Choudhary.

Choudhary says nearly 250 automotive parts will be made in the Richmond plant.  Kentucky’s Governor came to the Madison County factory site Wednesday for a ribbon cutting.  Governor Steve Beshear claims Kentucky’s economy is, in his words, ‘on fire.’  He continues to maintain the Commonwealth is coming out of the recession faster than most states.  Beshear says companies locating in Kentucky find good cooperation between state and local governments.

“Any time you do it that way, it works, and these companies can see it.  That’s one of the things that attracts them here is the cooperative spirit that Kentuckians have and really the hospitality of wanting the companies to be located right here in Kentucky,” explained Beshear.

A number of local and state government officials also participated in the Richmond ceremony Wednesday.