Call to Special Session on Redistricting Likely this Month

Jun 13, 2013

With some important work undone, Kentucky state lawmakers will likely meet in a special session before year’s end.  Governor Steve Beshear recently met with House and Senate leaders to set what he calls ground rules for a special legislative session.  The only apparent agenda item is legislative redistricting.  Special sessions cost about $60,000 a day.  But, Governor Beshear says leaving the issue to the courts is not the way to go.

Credit Kentucky Public Radio

“You know, the courts are sort of divorced from the political setting and the legislature needs to take care of its own business and take care of its own districts and so, they’re gonna step up and do that,” said Beshear.

Within a week or so, the governor expects to announce a date for a special session on legislative redistricting.  During a stop in Richmond Wednesday, the governor says they’ve enjoyed good success so far this year.

“We had a great regular session of the general assembly.  We got our graduation bill passed, raising the dropout age.  We got pension reform passed, a lot of things like that have not been done before.  Now, we’re gonna get redistricting done.  And a good part of that is because nobody is running for office and everybody can concentrate on the real business at hand,” added Beshear.

The State Supreme Court threw out the general assembly’s first attempt at redrawing lawmaker boundaries.    As far as he knows, Beshear says redistricting will be the only item on the special session’s agenda.