Buying Kentucky Made in December

Nov 27, 2012

A large number of Kentucky arts and crafts people hope consumers do more than just shop in the Commonwealth.  They are banking those holiday shoppers will also buy Kentucky-made products.  Victoria Faoro (FAIR-oh) directs Berea’s Kentucky Artisan Center.  “You know our hope is that people, new people will become aware of the wonderful products that are being made in the state and will think first about buying something Kentucky, whether it’s a Kentucky crafted quilt or mug or piece of jewelry or Kentucky Proud foods,” said Faoro.

Besides traditional, Kentucky-made products, Faoro says there are gifts suited to more current tastes.

“We’ve seen some interest in green products and organic products and they’re always trends, national trends that are reflected in what people are looking for here,” added Faoro.

The holiday season is always a period when buying of Kentucky made products can pick up.  But, Faoro says it’s typically the busiest time of year at the center.

“December is an important sales period for the center, but actually we’re really lucky to be busy all year long.  And our busiest months are actually some summer and fall months.  So this is a time when we see actually a lot of regional shoppers, more maybe than in some of the busier months.  That’s an exciting thing for us,” said Faoro.

Faoro says the Artisan Center, which is situated off Interstate-75 just north of Berea, this year celebrates its tenth anniversary.