Busy Week in The Capitol for Andy Barr

Nov 15, 2012

 After taking out Kentucky Democratic incumbent Ben Chandler congressman-elect Andy Barr is in DC learning how to maneuver his way around Capitol Hill. The Capitol is a strange, intimidating place for newcomers. It has its own, often unwritten, rules of decorum. Then there's the massive written code of ethics...stray from it and you may loose your job - or even worse: end up behind bars.

So Congressman-elect Andy Barr has had a busy week. “Trying to learn my way around here.” Even though freshmen can’t cast votes on the House floor until they take the oath of office in January, Barr already got to cast some votes…helping pick who would lead his party in Congress. Those votes weren’t as easy as you’d think because Barr and the others had to study up on who they were casting votes for. Barr says it was an important task.  “I’m just trying to get to know some of the incumbent members, those who are running for leadership positions, evaluate who should be in a best position to communicate our message in the next Congress. We’ve got a lot of challenges and we’re going to need the most effective communicators that we can find to lead our conference.” Besides trying to help strengthen the beleaguered Republican Party, Barr says it’s also been good to continue developing stronger relationships with other members of Kentucky’s congressional delegation…senior lawmakers who could prove his most important allies on Capitol Hill.