Budget Vetoes on Tap Thursday

Jul 6, 2011

Tonight’s (Thursday) the night Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council members may attempt to override budget vetoes issued by Mayor Jim Gray.  The mayor line item vetoed three areas of the council approved budget, including funds for disc golf facilities and a half-dozen jobs in the city's communications office.  The mayor also imposed a ten percent funding cut on some 26 outside agencies that provide city services.  David Barberie (BAR-ber-ee) with the city’s law department, Tuesday explained to council members their options.

“You all can vote up or down on each particular entity, but what you can’t do as part of the veto is decide, if it was a ten percent cut, for instance, you can’t put five percent or half of that back in,” said Barberie.

If Lexington's council tries to override vetoes issued by the mayor, the vote will come tonight (Thursday). Lexington Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says it’s anybody’s guess about what, if any action, the council might take.  If the council chooses to steer clear of and over-ride votes, Gorton says it wouldn’t close the door on future changes

“And then the council could come back and do budget amendments to change a portion.  For example, a portion of the bonding, a portion of the layoffs, a portion of the partner agency money,” said Gorton.

Council is preparing to take about a month-long summer break.