'Bronx Zoo Cobra' Now Has A Name: Mia

Apr 7, 2011

The snake that stole New York's heart no longer has to be known as just the "Bronx Zoo cobra."

Thanks to 60,000 or so folks who voted on line in a poll sponsored by the zoo and New York's Daily News, the great escape artist will now be known as Mia.

That name won out over the other choices — Cleopatra, Subira (Egyptian for patience), Amaunet (an Egyptian goddess) and Agnes (Greek for pure or holy).

Mia, as the Daily News says, is "short for missing in action."

If you're not up to ssspeed on all this, Mia disssappeared for sssix days — though it seems she never left the reptile house at the zoo. While she was unaccounted for, a Twitter page about her humorous ramblings around town proved to be highly popular.

At it seems that "she's" still at it:

"So, the vote is in. They want to name me Mia. But in my heart I'll always know that my true name is Mrs. Justin Bieber."

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