Brannon Crossing Under Review

Jan 31, 2013

A stretch of Brannon Crossing in Jessamine County
Credit Stu Johnson / Weku News

Changes are likely along a winding roadway in Jessamine County that connects Harrodsburg and Nicholasville roads.  The Kentucky Transportation Department is beginning a review of just over three miles of Brannon Road.  Department spokes woman Natasha Lacy says it’s still early in the process.

“It’s the beginning of the design process.  No decisions have been made in regard to the changes that will be determined for Brannon Road.  This is just preliminary design and environmental studies.  The surveying activities have already started,” said Lacy.

The transportation cabinet says about five thousand vehicles per day travel the three mile stretch.  That’s two thousand more vehicles than were counted a decade ago. 

“The purpose of the project is to improve the safety of Brannon Road and we’ll working on the geometry to make improvements, widening the pavement and shoulder width, and eliminating roadside hazards, too,” added Lacy.

Natasha Lacy says the project is in the state’s six year plan and is eligible for federal funds.   She says increased residential and commercial development can lead to this type of review.

“Well often, it’s the traffic count that will lead us into doing a study and possibly making changes and also the area that is changing and developing.  You have to take that into account.  Areas that were perhaps rural and were not used by a large number of people now have changed and they’ve become very busy areas with heavier traffic.”

Design work could continue through the spring of 20-14.