Brain Training in Danville

Apr 15, 2013

Exercising your mind can help in coping with the stress at the workplace and at school.   A pair of consultants in central Kentucky say ‘brain training’ techniques can help.  A lack of sleep, little exercise, and poor diet can all negatively impact memory.  But, an education consultant believes people can slow their mental decline. Carol Brown and her husband provide private tutoring services to students and professional.  Brown with the for-profit Academic Success Center of Kentucky, says games can help.

“And the idea that I-Q is fixed, the idea that there’s just this critical period and oh, I’m just getting old and it’s just mental decline.  That simply is not true,” said Brown.

This Friday, Brown leads a workshop for the Danville Chamber of Commerce on how employees can improve their productivity through improved memory, mental processing and focus.

“When you are at work and those demands are put on you or you’re having to recall information and you sit there and you’re like, ‘I know I know this,’ and you just can’t what we would say ‘pull it out of your long term memory filing cabinet,’ and then you’ve missed an opportunity to be part of a conversation,” added Brown.

This Friday’s workshop will be held at Danville’s Inter County Energy office.