Boone's Steps Revisited

May 30, 2012

Kentuckians can see a bit of what pioneer Daniel Boone saw when he crossed into Kentucky in 1775.   The Fort Boonesborough Foundation is sponsoring two tours this summer.  A one day tour on August 21stbegins and ends at Fort Boonesborough and includes a trip to Levi Jackson State Park.  Foundation Secretary Elizabeth Chalfant says they’ll also offer two-day tours in July and September.  Those trips also begin in Madison County.

“Go all the way to Wilderness Road State Park in Virginia where you see the gap…as those pioneers would have seen where they were going to try to get through the mountains,” said Chalfant.

The two-day tours include stops at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park and a night at Pine Mountain State Park.   Chalfant says another Madison County fort will be included as a stop..

“There’s a Twitty’s Fort…it’s a spot there in Madison County that there’s an effort to try and save and mark that particular space that some of them in Madison County are working on and we stop there and actually walk across the field to where that site was,” added Chalfant.

Chalfant says buses will transport participants for both tours.  Although the idea is to retrace Boone’s route to Fort Boonesborough, Chalfant says there will be no lengthy hiking.