Bombing Hoax Suspect Awaits Extradition

Aug 17, 2011

A 50-year-old Australian man was arrested yesterday in a Louisville suburb. Over the next two months the Australian government will try to extradite the suspect.  Paul "Douglas" Peters has been accused by the Australian government of breaking and entering a home near Sydney, Australia and hanging a fake bomb around the neck of a young woman.

Two weeks later, Peters was arrested in his ex-wife's home in La Grange.

The Australian government now has 60 days to file a formal request for extradition. That's according to a 1974 Extradition Treaty between the U.S. and Australia. Peters's attorney Scott Cox says he and the courts need to review the treaty to make the appropriate response.

"Generally speaking in removal hearing the only issue is identity, you know, are you the person named in this case and if you are you generally waive it because that's the only only legal issue. But it's just more complicated here because it involves a treaty that we all need to look at."

Australian officials say it may take weeks before a formal request is ready. The request will include evidence mentioned in the warrant.