Boating During Disasters

Sep 2, 2011

A national boating safety organization based in Lexington can play a key role during disasters.  The National Association for State Boating Law Administrators has been headquartered in central Kentucky since the 1980’s.  Deputy Director Ron Sarver says the association often works with emergency managers.

“Here in Kentucky in fact, the boating law administrator works with the emergency operations center very closely because..and this seems to be the case around the nation…our folks tend to have the equipment for water related events,” said Sarver.

Wildly running rapids in a flooded area may appear fun to kayakers and canoeists, but, boating safety experts add, those rapids are also dangerous.  Ron Sarver says there are serious risks when trying to do recreational boating during a disaster.

“It’s not a time for recreation. It’s a time to keep yourself safe and it’s a time to not put others in danger. To not have the officers to have to put themselves in danger to come out and rescue,” added Sarver.

Sarver says the national organization helps with the boater training and participates in maritime security programs.