Bluegrass Musicians take over Lexington Nightlife and Street Corners

Jun 4, 2013

Credit Best of the Bluegrass

Don’t be surprised if, when you least expect it, you hear some Bluegrass Music in downtown Lexington this week.   It’s part of the Best of Bluegrass Event. A fair amount of ‘busking’ is going on this week.  It’s the term that described  ‘playing music in a public place, usually while soliciting for money.’    Across from Lexington City Hall, Johnny Campbell and his wife Whitney played fiddle and guitar.  Campbell says he’s part of a band from Nashville called ‘Bluegrass Drifters.’

“It’s a five piece usually, but sometimes we get hired to come out and do duets or whatever.  It’s easier to ‘busk’ on the street as a duet kind of,” said Campbell.

Whitney Campbell believes there’s resurging interest in bluegrass music…much of it among young listeners.

“I think when the younger folks hear it these days their eyes pop open and their ears open and they’re excited about something that seems so fresh.  There’s so much technical music these days and hear live acoustic music is actually different sounding for a lot of young people,” added Campbell.

There are Best of Bluegrass events every evening this week at Lexington venues.  Then, this weekend the annual ‘Festival of the Bluegrass”gets underway at the Kentucky Horse Park.