Bluegrass Connector Project Kick Off

Aug 25, 2011

A project meant to connect community leaders in nine central Kentucky counties is being launched Friday.  The ‘Bluegrass Connector Project’ hopes to collect the e-mail addresses of some 40 thousand movers and shakers who work ‘under the radar.’ United Way of the Bluegrass President Bill Farmer says it’s all about getting key people together.

“There may be someone who is interested in food literacy in Fayette county and there may be a person who’s interested in food literacy in Anderson county.  They don’t know each other.  They don’t talk to one another.  And if we could get them together, the two of them working together would be able to provide a greater service to the broader community than the work they are doing on an individual basis,” said Farmer.

Data analyst Karen Stephenson set up similar projects in Philadelphia, Louisville, Tucson and Portland.  She says the people of influence are active in communities all over the bluegrass.

 “They’re already there.  They’re already in the community.  They’re just below the radar.   So what we’re gonna do is surface them.  Just like we did in Philadelphia.  They weren’t the usual suspects.  They were the unusual suspects,” added Stephenson.

A large event is planned in the spring of 2012 to bring together such community activists together.  Farmer and Stephenson briefed Lexington Rotarians on the project Thursday.