Bluegrass Army Depot Project Under Roof

Feb 18, 2013

Work on a plant that will neutralize chemical weapons at the Bluegrass Army Depot has hit a major milestone.    The Munitions Demilitarization Building is now under roof.  But work there could slow, unless Congress acts.  Site Project Manager Jeff Brubaker says the money could run out next month.  "We believe that additional funding will be made available shortly there after to keep the project moving forward.  However, we cannot with 100 percent certainty say that there may not be some impact later in the year,” said Brubaker.

Jeff Brubaker says they’ll start tests at the plant in 20-16, but full operations are still seven years away.

“Testing of the neutralization related equipment will occur throughout that four year period, so essentially between 2016 and the start of agent destruction in 2020,” added Brubaker.

Brubaker says various systems will be checked out over the four year testing period.