Blue Grass Stockyards Rise From the Ashes of 2016 Fire

Sep 8, 2017

Following a massive fire in January of 2016, Blue Grass Stockyards officials have cut the ribbon for a new facility in Lexington. 

Leaders in government, business, and agriculture gathered Friday for the ribbon-cutting of the 232,000 square foot stockyards facility just off Ironworks Pike. 

A piece of history from the old cattle auction site off Lisle Industrial Avenue has been retained.  Stockyards CEO Jim Akers told those gathered it was salvaged during cleanup.

“We found the blue prints for the old sale ring that David Holt’s dad built in 1976.  We built the sale ring off those plans and it looks and feels a lot like the old one,” noted Akers. “Everything’s the same size and the same elevations.”

David Holt is one of the nine owners of the business. 

There are vast differences with the new Blue Grass Stockyards as well. 

There’s a Regional Marketplace in the front with over 20 businesses including a broker, a local meat market, restaurant, and other services for cattle farmers.