Blasting Suspended at Two Kentucky Mines

Jul 29, 2011

FRANKFORT – Blasting at two Eastern Kentucky mines sent rocks through the air that damaged nearby property, including two homes, according to the Department of Natural Resources, which suspended the blasting until those responsible could explain how they intend to prevent it from happening again.

Both incidents occurred on Tuesday, according to a DNR press release, and both were suspended from further blasting on Wednesday.

The first incident occurred at around 11 a.m. Tuesday at an ICG Hazard mine in Perry County. One rock entered a home through the roof, exited through a side wall near the roof and struck a vehicle parked at the home. 

The second incident occurred around 1:20 p.m. at a Beech Fork coal operation in Pike County causing a rock to penetrate the roof of another home. Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement personnel were immediately dispatched to both locations to investigate.

Notices of Noncomplianc and Imminent Danger Cessation Orders were issued to the respective companies and the blasters. DNR ordered a cessation of all blasting related activities on the permit areas. Blast remediation plans must be submitted to DNR for review before blasting can resume.