'Black Friday' Strategy at Lexington Shopping Centers

Nov 22, 2011

The population in and around Lexington will swell significantly this weekend.  ‘Black Friday,’ which kicks off to the Christmas shopping season, will bring shoppers from around the region to Lexington.  Lexington police patrol officer Pat McBride says officers will be on hand to reduce traffic congestion around shopping malls.  Still, McBride says patience is key.  “Wait behind the stop bar…the big white stripe…wait behind the stop bar…until enough space opens up in front of you..to pull forward,” said McBride.

Lexington police are gearing up to manage traffic congestion and deter criminals.  Bige Towery with Lexington police says shoppers can also protect themselves by keeping their bags nearby..

“When you are paying for something..you’re looking at merchandise on the racks… and you set down your shopping bags..make sure they are touching you leg where you would be aware if someone were to grab those or take those away,” added Towery.

Police will be out and about throughout many of the heavy shopper areas.  Still, police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts says the division won’t break its budget by paying a lot of overtime.

“We don’t anticipate that one certain area is gonna’ be a problem…we look at what the day brings us…but to speak to your question about over-time that’s something that we can play around with schedules and move people around so we’re not running into overtime issues and being a good steward of the taxpayers’ dollars,” explained Roberts.

Police plan to erect the ‘watch tower’ in shopping areas over the next few weeks.  It gives police a bird’s eye view of possible criminal activity in large parking lots.