Bill's Eye: Good-Bye, Danny Ford

Mar 27, 2012

There are a number of long-serving state senators and representatives retiring this year from the General Assembly. I wish we had time to interview or showcase all of the retiring legislators on KET. I’ll bet it would be a rather entertaining program.

One of them was a panelist on Kentucky Tonight Monday. Representative Danny Ford, a Republican from Mt. Vernon, was first elected in 1982. He was named as National Republican Legislator of the Year and has served as both Minority Whip and Minority Floor Leader. A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, he’s an auctioneer and realtor with his company, Ford Brothers.

Monday, in an “After the Show” segment, I asked Rep. Ford to stick around the studio for a few minutes so we could tape an interview. A colleague, Rep. Steve Riggs, he of the opposite party, a democrat from Louisville, asked if he could participate as well because he thought so much of Mr. Ford’s leadership and wisdom over the years.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you retiring State Representative Danny Ford and his friend, Rep. Steve Riggs.