Bill Would Expand Immunity For Saving Pets from Hot Cars

Oct 24, 2017


Louisville State Senator Morgan McGarvey is seeking to expand Kentucky's so-called “Look Before You Lock” law to include domestic animals.

The leader of an animal welfare group is raising concerns about the pre-filed legislation.


If approved by the Kentucky General Assembly in 2018, the Senate measure would offer civil protection for any person who causes damage to a vehicle to remove a pet locked inside. 

The law already pertains to cases in which minor children are locked in hot vehicles.

Kentucky Animal Care and Control Association President Ozzie Gibson says he supports anything that can save animals’ lives and keep them safe. 

Gibson hopes such a law wouldn’t cause Kentuckians to become “break window happy.”  

“What if I’m that person that just pulled up and it’s only been five minutes and my dog’s fine and you broke my window.  That worries me a little bit,” said Gibson.

The pre-filed bill states the person who removes the domestic animal would be immune from civil liability for any resulting damage if the person contacts local law enforcement or 9-1-1 and only uses the amount of force reasonably necessary to remove the animal.